2 Man referee System
Stats & Standings done daily (
Prime evening ice times
15-12-15 Stop time periods if tied three minute three on three
Start Date: Early September

Supplemental Insurance Accident Coverage Included

Divisions: Premier, A, B, C, D, E & F

League Fees:
Full Team – $10,500.00 (Tax incl.)
All Divisions Guaranteed – 3 exhibition, 24 League, 2 Playoff

Pay full fee at beginning of season and pay only $9,850.00
$2,500.00 Depost before August 25, 2019 – $200.00 off
$2,500.00 Due October 01 – $100.00 off
$2,500.00 Due Novemver 01 – $100.00 off
$2,500.00 Due December 15 – $100.00 off
$500.00 Due January 15 ​​

Individual Registration:

Depending on how many individual registrations we have we may be able to form a team of all single players. If not we will send a list out to all the teams in the league to pick up individual players to play for their team (fees may vary).

Individual Registration $750.00

DATES: Early September – Late March

All games are played Sunday through Saturday in Prime Time with
earliest start time at 6:45pm and latest start time at 10:00pm.​​

Sign up a full team or individually using the links below.

Registrations are due by Aug 31, 2019.

Please call (604) 504-7565 for more information.