At Explosive Hockey Development, we believe in a great first experience within the game of hockey. That starts with our Learn to Skate programs from the beginner levels and upwards. 

Within our Learn to Skate Program, there are 4 distinct levels in which each participant follows to ensure the most beneficial and positive experience!

-Level 1 is for the brand new skater or those who have just started skating. At this level, we will focus on being able to stand up unassisted, ice safety, and being comfortable taking steps on the ice.

-Level 2 is for the skater who can easily get up on their own and is able to take balanced steps by themselves. During this level, we focus on developing our stops, generating strong pushes to a glide sequence, and introducing backward skating.

-Level 3 is for the skater who is able to advance their skating to pushes as well as comfortable coming to a stop. During this level, we will start introducing edges through forwarding slaloms, one-foot balances, skulling, and cross-steps. We will also start becoming more efficient backward skaters and learn backward stops.

-Level 4 is for the skater who is comfortable in all directions on their skates, can generate speed easily, and can stop completely forwards and backward. During this level, we will focus on isolating each individual foot in terms of pushing, turning, and stopping. We will dive deeply into forwards crossovers and learn to be comfortable on both our inside and outside edges.


At Explosive Hockey, we believe in building a strong foundation in the game of hockey. This comes from both our Learn to Skate and our Learn to Play programs.

If you are new to hockey or are just wanting to learn more aspects of the game including shooting, passing, stick handling, faceoffs, and the general concept of the game, our Learn to Play programs incorporate all of these attributes into our classes.


At Explosive Hockey Development, we believe in skill development both on and off the ice.

What this means is that each participant will enhance their skating and hockey skills in addition to learning valuable life skills including battle/compete, work ethic, determination, communication, being part of a team, among many others.

Our instructors strongly believe in positive feedback and positive reinforcement to all participants. Our programs will be high energy and fast paced, however, our instructors will spend time on proper correction of players skating or skills during the sessions. CORRECTION IS KEY!

All of our programs will involve 3 critical components as part of our curriculum:

  • Skating/Conditioning/Edge Work
  • Power using resistance training
  • Hockey skills including shooting, passing, deking, and stick handling

Our mission is to ensure that each participant has a positive experience!

POWER SKATING – Powered by Bauer Hyperlite

The Hyperlite Focus Clinic – Speed & Agility offers an opportunity for a driven minor hockey player to improve their skating skills on a weekly basis. Through correction and repetition, this program provides comprehensive instruction on all aspects of skating. From basic skating posture and stride efficiency to lateral quickness and acceleration, this clinic will address all techniques that are required to play the game of hockey. These sessions will be led by Skating Coach Courtenay Falk.

RASCALS Intro to Hockey

Burnaby Winter Clubs Rascals program has made its way to the Fraser Valley- In partnership with the Fraser Valley Kings, we offer an excellent program with 4 levels of development from Beginner’s (2018/2017) underage group and 2016/2015/2014 players in advanced rascals who are already registered in minor hockey who desire to refine skills and excel. Players in the Rascals program will participate in the Winter Jamboree with Rascals players from all over the Lower Mainland to enhance their love of the game!!