Please know that we are committed to providing you with a safe environment that aligns with WorkSafeBC protocols to ensure that the risk of exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19 is always minimized. Our current COVID-19 plan is guided by local and public health authorities including the Provincial Health Order issued December 2, 2020.

Protective measures we are taking to ensure the health and safety of everyone at The Rinks at Summit Centre

Increased cleaning

 • Starting with our public spaces and high-traffic areas, we are going above and beyond our normal protocols. We are cleaning surfaces with increased frequency, dedicated staff, and all done by the recommended cleaning agents.

Hand sanitizer

• We have hand sanitizer available at the main entrance of each rink. We encourage you to use it as you enter.

Entering the Facility

• We ask that you arrive on time, however, please do not arrive early, as participants and guests will only be allowed to access the facility 15 minutes prior to their scheduled ice time.

• When you arrive at the arena 15 minutes before your ice time, please proceed directly to your assigned dressing room, ensure you are appropriately physically distancing yourself from others.

• Please ensure you know what rink you are booked on.  Entrance should be from the same side as the rink you are assigned to.

Mandatory Use of Face Masks

• All employees, visitors, and users are required to wear a mask or face covering upon entering and remaining within Summit Centre. The mask or face covering must cover the nose, mouth, and chin.

• Temporary removal of the mask or face covering is permitted for the following purposes:

  1. On ice participation and players benches (Field of Play).
  2. Within the dressing room, only when a helmet is being worn.
  3. When an athlete’s helmet is removed, the athlete will wear a face mask or face covering.
  4. For any emergency or medical purpose.
  5. Persons entering or remaining in the facility without a mask or face covering will be given a verbal reminder of the policy’s masking requirement. Failure to comply will result in person being banned from the facility and group suspended.

Social Distancing

• The guided markers and signage in public spaces will remind our guests to maintain the physical distancing of 2 meters of at all times while in the facility.

• On ice and on players benches social distancing is mandatory.

  1. To mitigate the spread of COVID on the ice surface, FULL EQUIPMENT including helmets with cages/shields are recommended to be worn by all players.
  2. All players must adhere to appropriate hygiene and handwashing protocols prior to playing and going on the ice.
  3. Players should be social distancing from each other in all other shared spaces within the arena.

Exiting the Facility

• Following the completion of your session players and guardians will have 20 minutes to exit the facility following the end of their session.

• You will exit the facility through the side exit (emergency exit) it your designated rink.

• Exiting into the lobby is strictly prohibited, and all exits are clearly marked.


• Washrooms are available in dressing rooms however showers are not.

Dressing Rooms

• Masks are mandatory until helmets are on to exit dressing room.

• There will be no showers for use in the dressing rooms.

• Each group will be assigned 2 dressing rooms per booking.

• There are marked sections for each athlete to use to social distance in the dressing rooms. Dressing Rooms 1 & 2 seat 11 and dressing Rooms 3 & 4 seat 12.

Maximum Number of Participants – Private Groups

• Private Adults Groups (Games) – NOT PERMITTED

• Private Youth Groups (Practices) – A maximum of 25 participants in the field of play per rink. This includes athletes & coaches. Shooting, passing, skating drills are permitted. Social Distancing is always mandatory. No scrimmages or Spectators.

• Private Youth Groups (Games) – NOT PERMITTED

• Public Programs (Stick & Puck and Figure Skate Buy- On)) – A Maximum of 15 participants. (No Spectators)

Maximum Number of Participants – Governed Sports

• Hockey (Practices) – A maximum of 25 participants in the field of play per rink. This includes athletes & coaches. Shooting, passing, skating drills are permitted. Social Distancing is always mandatory. No scrimmages or battle and compete drills. For practice sessions 2 Event Staff are also permitted. (No Spectators)

• Hockey (Games) – NOT PERMITTED

• Skating Clubs (Training Sessions) – A maximum of 25 participants in the field of play per rink. This includes athletes & coaches. Social Distancing is always mandatory. For training sessions 2 Event Staff are also permitted. (No Spectators)

Event Staff

• Event staff includes scorekeepers, timekeepers, managers, safety person Covid Officer.

• Event Staff not involved in game play must sit or stand in the designated sections that are appropriately socially distanced from the next person.

• There is no in and out privileges for participants or event staff. If you leave during ice session you are unable to re-enter.

• There is no swapping of participants or event staff during your ice session.

Covid Officer Mandatory

• Each group must appoint a Covid Officer for each team as part of their Return to Sport.

• The team’s Covid Officer will screen for illness prior to entering the arena including athletes, coaches, event staff and on ice officials.

• The team’s Covid Officer must be in attendance or the group will be unable to enter the facility. It is the responsibility of the team’s Covid Officer to manage the entrance door once inside. The Covid Officer must remain at the front entrance until all participants, event staff and officials have entered.

• The team’s Covid Officer will maintain a record of names and phone numbers for those persons entering the arena. This information will be made available to the Public Health Authority upon request for the contact tracing purposes.

• The team’s Covid Officer will enforce the facility guidelines and show respect to the next user entering the facility enroute to their assigned dressing rooms.

• The teams Covid Officer must be easily identifiable i.e. Clipboard and lanyard.

Persons who choose to not follow our restrictions will be suspended from the building for 30 days.

If you have recently travelled outside of the country and have not cleared the required 14 days of self quarantine, or if you are experiencing any COVID-19 or flu-like symptoms, or if you have had any contact with someone who has COVID-19-like symptoms, PLEASE DO NOT PARTICIPATE OR ENTER THE FACILTY.